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Sometimes music helps you to work.
But sometimes I prefer without it.
Today, I haven't turned on anything yet,
so it seems like I don't need any.

Now I thought about it, might as well turn on something.

A long long time ago when I was little,
I listened to the music from a top 10 program.
Sometimes it was country, sometimes it was pops.

"I want to walk around a town I don't know anything about~"

This is the title song of a radio drama. I remember this song, but I have no clue about the story but I bet I'll remember this song forever.

I organized our CD rack recently. we have around 300 CDs (not including burned CDs). Music makes me happy, it can enhance or change your mood, and it always sounds good. Music styles I like are electronic, eclectic, alternative or modern rock and jazz. Current A-lists include bands like Beck, Groove Armada Air, Fischerspooner, UNKLE, Kraftwerk & P.J. Harvey.